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Tire Valves and Accessories

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Tube-Type Replacement Valves

Passenger and Light Truck Valves

As one of the largest suppliers of tire valves to the automotive aftermarket, we supply only valves of the highest quality. We utilize our in-house lab as well as independent laboratories to ensure our valves meet or exceed all industry quality standards.
Radial Commander Valves

Heavy Truck Valves

Using inferior tire valves can expose you to huge liability issues. Protect yourself by using only quality tire valves from Perm-O-Seal. We offer a full range of heavy truck valves for both steel and aluminum wheels.
Air/Liquid Tube Type Agricultural Valves

Agricultural and Miscellaneous Valves

Every shipment of tire valves is thoroughly inspected to ensure our valves conform to the specifications set by the Tire and Rim Association. Whether you need motorcycle or air tank valves, or agricultural valves for tube or tubeless tires, you can rely on us to provide only the highest quality valves.
Screw-On Valves for Inner Tube

Large Bore Valves and Accessories

As the vehicle and tire sizes of off-road, grader, and mining equipment continue to increase, Haltec continues to be a leader in the development and manufacturing of tire valve systems. Whether you need large bore, super large bore, z-bore, or mega bore valves and accessories, Haltec offers solutions to meet your needs.
Valve Caps and Cores for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Valve Accessories and Tools