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Item # 14-986, Zafety Lug Lock™

This new and innovative product is setting a new standard for road safety in North America! Other products let you know when a lug nut has loosened but do nothing to ensure that the lug nuts remain torqued properly. Zafety Lug Lock™ is a revolutionary design that incorporates the resistance between two nuts to minimize their ability to rotate, essentially locking them in place!

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Temperature Range

-40 to 122 ºF
-40 to 50

Used for Lug Nut Size

33 mm

Stud Spacing

3.5 in

Reduces Possibility of Wheel Separation

Additional Information
  • Significantly reduces possibility of wheel separation resulting in personal injury, loss of life, property damage, and hefty fines
  • Reduces inspection time, resulting in less downtime for vehicles and drivers
  • Provides a clear, visual check
  • Flexible, easy to install & remove, and re-usable
  • Laboratory tested in severe vibration conditions from -40 ºF to +122 ºF (-40 ºC to +50 ºC)
  • Fits 33 mm lug nuts on 10-stud piloted wheels with 3.5" stud spacing


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